Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hoonaloon ! 14 April 2015

Each week, we`re planning to highlight one item from our stock of badges, books, First Day Covers and Banknotes.

This week we have selected this American badge from a branch of Lions Clubs International ;

It relates to a particular Lions Club branch in Chicago, which seems to have a strongly  Hispanic American membership.

The Branch is identified on the badge (Chicago District 1A), as is the year (1980). Around the edge of the badge are a variety of phrases representing different aspects of HIspanic American culture ( Pan American / Azteca / Jose Marti / Borinquen etc).

The badge is clean, intact and undamaged with only light wear.

Along with a selection of other items from our stock, this badge can be found at ;


Monday, 23 March 2015

Hoonaloon News - 16 March 2015

Following a long silence, we`re now able to bring you an update on our doings and dealings.

There have been a number of changes in the last six months.

The major one is that we are no longer a business that deals only in books. After a few false starts we have re-invented ourselves as Hoonaloon Collectables, dealers in books, badges, banknotes, tokens, first day covers and related items.

Following on from that we no longer trade on book trade sites such as ABE, Antiqbook and  Mare Libri. The reason is the obvious one,  that such sites are really geared up for the needs of sellers of books and related materials and not for those of us who need to list a variety of types of items.

We can be found here ; http://stores.ebay.co.uk/hoonalooncollectables

Without more ado, here are a few of the items we are currently offering for sale on E-Bay ;

First up is this attractive Souvenir Sheet (also known as a miniature sheet) from India commemorating Rath Yatra Puri, a Hindu festival. We are not a specialist stamp dealer but do stock a range of First Day Covers and Souvenir Sheets from various parts of the world. Our intention with these is to provide a range of inexpensive items aimed primarily at those just starting a new collection. Most are attractive and many have historical interest in one way or another.

We also stock a range of badges, both military and non-military. One of the more interesting is the badge pictured above, which commemorates STS-44, a Space Shuttle Flight which took place in 1991.

 We have a few other badges with a space travel theme, and many originating with clubs and associations, whether that be Bowls Clubs, Trade Unions, Lions Clubs or others too numerous to mention.   

Given our background in the book trade it would be surprising if we didn`t have a range of book available. Our current stock includes a number of  signed books, proof copies and titles relating to the history of the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area.

A few of these are pictured below ;

John N Merrill - Sir Richard Arkwright of Cromford  
Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni - The Conch Bearer (proof copy)

                                                   John Winter - Legacy (signed copy)

All of these can be found in our online emporium by using this link ; http://stores.ebay.co.uk/hoonalooncollectables .

That`s all for now,

Nick and Ann-Marie
Hoonaloon Collectables

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hoonaloon News 2 August 2014 - We`re Diversifying !

Apologies for the absence of new postings to our blog/newsletter in recent times.

The reason is that we are diversifying our business to incorporate a wider range of collectables - banknotes, coins, tokens, badges etc - in addition to our continuing book sales business.

It`s quite a steep learning curve !

The next posting here will reflect the full range of our actvities and will hopefully appear before too long.

All the Best,

Nick and Ann-Marie

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hoonaloon News Apri/May 2014

Hello and welcome to the latest Hoonaloon Books Newsletter.

This month we`re going to start with some news, then hear from a satisfied customer. After that, we`ll look at some recent additions to our stock and then I`ll just provide the usual links etc so that you can access our catalogue.


This is not really anything to do with our business, but I thought it might be of interest.

Over the last month or so, along with a number of others, including authors Ray Elmitt and Keith `Chap O`Keefe` Chapman, I`ve been involved in seeing to it that a previously unpublished story by the late Walter Tyrer is made available to the reading public for the first time.

I`m pleased to say that our efforts have been crowned with success, thanks in part to the enthusiastic support of Walters` daughter Jennifer de Fries.

                                                          Walter Tyrer circa 1956

Should you wish to know more, the best (actually the only) accounts are these ; 

Nick Osmond - Walter the Wordsmith - http://bookshelvesandbrownale.blogspot.co.uk - 15 March 2014

David Cranmer - Department of Lost Stories : A Professional Job by Walter Tyrer  - http://davidcranmer.blogspot.co.uk - 16 March 2014

                                                       The Satisfied Customer

As I`ve mentioned before, selling things online can seem a touch impersonal, so its` always good to hear from happy people who`ve made online acquisitions at our esteemed online emporium.

Such a man is Robert from Newmarket who purchased a formidably weighty volume from us not so long ago.

Robert was kind enough to get in touch to say "The book is exactly as your description and I am delighted with it."

Contacted to ask if we could quote him, he responded "I`m perfectly happy for you to quote me. It was a prompt and painless experience buying from you (and you can quote me on that if you like)."

Thanks to Robert for that, and also the customers who agreed to be quoted in previous newsletters.

Recent Acquisitions

Our last newsletter gave details of a Hungarian edition (in English) of  Slave of the Huns by Geza Gardonyi. This newsletter starts with another edition of the same book, also a Hungarian edition in English and in fact from the same publisher.
This edition can be found at number 6316 in our listings.
At 6280, another recent acquisition is `Deborah Darby of Coalbrookdale 1754 - 1810 ; Her Visits to America, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and the Channel Isles` by Rachel Labouchere, published by Sessions of York, 1993. The author, who has family connections with the Darbys, has previously written a book about Deborahs` mother-in-law, Abiah. This book was based on Deborahs` diaries.
To learn more about the Darby family, Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge Gorge, use these links ;
The Darby family women are conspicuously absent from  most accounts of the Darbys and their doings, something Rachel Labouchere is clearly working to put right !
Trivia buffs may like to note that a painting of the Coalbrookdale Iron Bridge is featured on the mug holding the flowers on the cover of this book.  
Other recent acquisitions include ; 6321 - Alistair McRae Rennie - Scotch Broth, 6303 - J C Jones - Influx, 6299 - Margery L Metcalfe - Once a Gentleman (signed), 6317 Angela Rigley - School for Jamie (signed), 6318 - Goddard - Goodbye Old Pick.
Contact Us/View Our Listings
Our stock can be found on various sites, which are ;
You can search our catalague by clicking here  ;
You can contact us at hoonaloon@btinternet.com
Customers wishing to pay by credit card need to order via www.abebooks.com
For those that have persevered, thanks for reading this far, and remember - Respect the Book !

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hoonaloon News Jan/Feb 2014

Firstly, let me belatedly wish you a Happy New Year !

This month, I`m highlighting three recent additions to our stock, then I`ll mention a few others that may be of interest, after which I`ll move on to the boring stuff about where to find us and how to order.

At 6268 in our listings, you`ll find Rev Charles Abrahamson`s The Holy Mountains of the World ; Charged in Operation Starlight (The Aetherius Society, 1994).
"This book is dedicated to His Eminence Sir George King, Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel for Interplanetary Parliament, whose total commitment  to the Great Cause of World Peace and Enlightenment gave to mankind the Holy Mountains of the World."
We`ve recently acquired three Chatto and Windus editions of works by Robert Louis Stevenson, dating from 1904 and 1910. They are ;
6273 - Memories and Portaits (1904)
6281 - Travels With a Donkey (1910) (pictured)
6282 - Essays of Travel (1910)
They are not the only titles we have in stock by this author, but certainly they are attractive and interesting  without being ruinously expensive.
6269 dust jacket 
Sometimes an apparently unremarkable book turns out to be one of the more interesting ones. A case in point is to be found at 6269 in our listings, a Hungarian reprint (in English) of Slave of the Huns by Geza Gardonyi. The translator is Andrew Feldmar and the illustrator is Victor C Ambrus, who also contributed the Foreword. 
The dust jacket in particular has seen better days, but this is an unusual find and a good chance to pick up this sought-after edition.    
6269 (hardcover)
Other recent acquisitions include ; Vladimir Dudintsev - Not by Bread Alone, Stuart Neild - A Haunted Man, Rachel Labouchere - Deborah Darby of Coalbrookdale, Christopher O`Toole - The Red Mason Bee and  Ruth Paley - Using Criminal Records.
To see our full catalogue of over 4,200 books, use this link ; 
Our books can be ordered via the following sites ;
or of course you can deal with us directly by e-mailing us on hoonaloon@btinternet.com
Customers paying by credit card will need to order via www.abebooks.com .
That`s all for now I think, but remember - Respect the Book !
All the Best,
Nick and Ann-Marie
Hoonaloon Books

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hoonaloon News Nov/Dec 13

Welcome once again to the maelstrom of magnificence that is the Hoonaloon Books Blog !

First up, we reflect on comments received from some satisfied customers who have kindly agreed to be quoted in this online epistle ;

                                      **** ***** ***** *****

"Many thanks indeed for the two books. They arrived on Wednesday, both in excellent condition...As before, thank you for taking such great care over the packaging. I`ve bought quite a lot of books online, but very few have been as well packaged as these were. I`m extremely pleased with both these books, and look forward to reading them at the earliest opportunity."

 NC from Bristol

"I just wanted to say a great big thank you for your fantastic speedy service. My daughter has texted me to say she has received the book we ordered yesterday and is thrilled. Thank you so much. "


(On being asked for her agreement to being quoted, Brenda was kind enough to add "I was thrilled you were able to help and so willingly. It`s like a breath of fresh air today."

 I have been called many things in my time, but "breath of fresh air" is a new one !)

"I`m pleased to say the book arrived this morning - thank you so much ! I will most certainly call you first when I need new books."

RT from Chester

In common decency, I should make it clear that we can`t take all the credit for these words of praise- Post Office Counters Ltd, Royal Mail and, occasionally, the courier Collect Plus all do their bit too !

                                         **** ***** ***** *****

Having read these comments you may be tempted to explore our listings, if only out of morbid curiosity.

 If you do find that you feel this way, do not be alarmed. Your health is not at risk if you search or browse our listings. This can be done safely and securely in most libraries, internet cafes or indeed in your own home simply by clicking this link ;


Subsequently, you may find you wish to make a purchase, or, hopefully, several.

If you wish to pay by credit card, then you will need to place your order via ABE ; www.abebooks.com .

If you wish to pay by another method, then you can deal with us directly on hoonaloon@btinternet.com or you can place orders via ABE (www.abebooks.com ), Antiqbook www.antiqbook.com ) , Mare Libri   (www.marelibri.com ) or Local Studies UK ( www.localstudies.co.uk ) .

Without more ado, let`s familarise ourselves with the outpourings of some authors ;

                                    **** ***** ***** *****

First up we have number 6167,  Turner and others - The Story of Large Print - Ulverscroft, Leics, 1999.

An unusual book. The first part of the book, unsurprisingly, tells the story of Ulverscroft Large Print Books, a Leicestershire-based company. The second part, largely written by Prof Ralph Rosenthal, deals with visual impairment, and the third part comprises five short stories ;  The Cat that Walked by Himself (Rudyard Kipiling) ,  Lucky Cat (Charlotte Wallace), Dick Baker`s Cat (Mark Twain), The Wolves of Cernogratz (Saki) and The Ferry (Joan Aiken).

There must be a danger here of not so much `falling between two stools` as having a similar mishap between three of the aforementioned seating items ! Nevertheless, this is an unusual and intriguing publication.

At 6179 in our listings, Ally Carters` I`d Tell You I Love You but then I`d Have to Kill You concerns itself with the emotional life of a teenage girl who is attending the sinister Gallagher Academy wherein her accomplishments include becoming fluent in fourteen languages and acquiring the handy skill of  being able to kill a man in seven different ways (three of which involve a piece of uncooked spaghetti).  

This versatile young woman`s unusual skills aside, this brings us to the interesting subject of Advance Review Copies and Uncorrected Proof Copies (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advance_copy).

These differ from the `normal` edition in many ways. Some have plain covers, often cheaply produced, with lettering but no artwork. Some have the same, or similar, artwork to the finished product, but others have quite different designs. Some publishers have a generic design they use for all their ARCs.

Inevitably, something that began as a purely practical matter is now sometimes treated as a marketing tool, so you get such relatively new phenomena as the `numbered, limited edition proof copy` which is plainly not a proof copy in the original sense of the phrase.

Collecting proof copies is not as popular a passtime as it once was, but is still an affordable and pleasant hobby. Handily, we habitually have a supply of these delectable items in stock.

                           **** ***** ***** *****

As I`ve been a touch more wordy than usual, I`ll leave it there for this newsletter.

Any questions, feel free to get in touch and remember,

Respect the Book !

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hoonaloon News Aug/Sept 2013

Here we are again with a few selections from our stock with which to tempt and tantalise you.

Before we go any further, perhaps I could just take this chance to remind you that our full stock of 4,000 - 5,000 books can be viewed by clicking on this link ;


Now that we`ve dispensed with that formality, let`s move on and see what life has to offer ;

6025 - Awareness February 2007, Volume 28, Number 3
Awareness was/is the journal of Contact International UFO Research, incorporateing OCCS, Oxford Crop Circle Studies, ( http://contactinternationalufo.homestead.com ) . In addition to the expected news on possible UFO sightings etc, this issue also looks at a few other items of interest, including the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.
Supplied with the newsletter are a couple of flyers, one a Contact International membership application form and the other a flyer for a book. UFO enthusiasts come in for a lot of ridicule, but there again, it`s poor sort of man (or woman) who lets themselves be deterred by a bit of ridicule.
Talking of enthusiasts, amongst our stock we have a number of model engineering and/or model railway publications, some dating from the `50s and `60s. Rather than highlight any particular item, perhaps I could suggest you use the link above to find these.You may wish to use `Search Hoonaloon Books` to look for particular titles, or if you`re in a browsing mood, then you may wish to use `Catalogues of Hoonaloon Books` and look under `Trains, Trams, Ships, Vans`, `Hobbies/Interests`, `Vintage Magazines` and/or `Collectable`.
Or, if it`s easier, just ask !

The Farming Press began in 1959 when Bradbury Agnew, publishers of Punch and The Countryman, purchased and renamed Dairy Farmer Ltd, a specialist publisher of agricultural books and magazines.
 The company had considerable success with the published works of  vet Eddie Straiton, a popular TV personality of the `60s,  and  during the early `80s  found a new star in the person of Northumbian cartoonist Henry Brewis. While the bulk of the FP`s output continued to be non-fiction/agriculture, they also began to issue more accessible titles, usually humorous in tone, aimed at the general reader. An advantage here was that Henry Brewis was happy to supplement his income from his own books  by illustrating the works of others.
During it`s existence, the company changed hands many times - perhaps too may times - eventually becoming part of Miller Freeman/United Business Media. In 1997 the parent company made a number of FP staff in Ipswich redundant, prompting the departure of Roger Smith, manager of Farming Press Books and Videos since 1979. Smith claimed, with some justification it seems, that the parent company were prioritising short-term profit over growth. He subsequently founded his own company, Old Pond Publishing, which he still runs today. 
In 2002 Farming Press ceased trading. The rights to their books now reverted to the authors which left them free to find another outlet if they saw fit to do so.
Here at Hoonaloon, we are happy to be able to offer a number of titles published by the FP ;
3173 - Ian Campbell Thomson - The Hired Lad - Farming Press, 1993
3194 - John Terry - Ducks in Detention - Farming Press, 1990 (illustrated by Henry Brewis)
5989 - Veronica Frater - They All Ran After the Farmers` Wife - Farming Press, 1996
6099 - John Terry - Rabbits on Report ( * Signed Copy * ) - Farming Press, 2001 (illustrated by John Garbett)
At 2850 we also have a reprint produced after the closure of the Farming Press when the author obviously used his option to find an outlet elsewhere ;
2850 - Ian Campbell Thomson - The Hired Lad - Drum, 2002
These are not expensive titles, but they have a certain appeal, being what I would think of as a `Sunday afternoon read`, ideal for half a days relaxation.
That`s all I know right now, as someone once sang, and I shall close by reminding you that our current outlets are these ;
Antiqbook - www.antiqbook.co.uk
Mare Libri - www.marelibri.com
Local Studies UK - www.localstudies.co.uk
Or, of course, you can deal with us directly by e-mailing us at hoonaloon@btinternet.com
Happy reading !
Nick and Ann-Marie
Hoonaloon Books